Silk PLA 1.75mm SILVER - 1KG

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Silk PLA is an amazing new filament. It is the result of mixing PLA and other polymers to create this stunning filament. The surface finish had a pearl and silk-like look which is perfect for art pieces or parts you want to stand out! The special blend allows for light to  bounce off the surface creating a mesmerizing finish. 

This filament is made from the highest quality materials, never reused materials. 100% pure materials for consistent printing. All filament is high accuracy and RoHS certified.  Every spool comes in a resealable plastic bag with desiccant packet.


  • Spool weight - 1 KG
  • Diameter - 1.75mm ± 0.05mm
  • Print Temperature - 190 - 220°C
  • Bed Temperature - 0 - 50°C
  • Print Speed - 20- 50mm/s

Every spool has:

  •  A resealable plastic bag with desiccant packet
  •  Full plastic spool with holes to grab the end of the strand of filament
  •  A pack of Haribo gummy bears
  •  Lifetime support with printing our filament
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